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Forsyth Magazines writer since 2017. Debbie Barr earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Pennsylvania State University and her master’s degree in health education from East Carolina University. She is a master certified health education specialist (MCHES) with interests in work site health promotion, Alzheimer’s and dementia education, health literacy, and Christian growth. A versatile writer and enthusiastic speaker, Debbie is the author/co-author of six books, more than 600 disease-specific patient education articles, low-literacy employee benefits materials, medical education scripts, and newsletters for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers.

When Your Child Has Migraine

“Mommy, my head hurts!”  As a parent, you know how hard it is to hear those words, knowing your child is in pain. What’s even harder is not knowing what’s

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Is That Really in the Bible?

Maybe you have seen headlines like these, published in 2021: “Doctors Credit Good Samaritan Who Called 911 With Saving Woman’s Life from Assault.” “Good Samaritan Pulls Aurora Man, 72, from

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Ten Christmas Symbols and What They Mean

Homes adorned with holly and wreaths…windows aglow with candlelight…poinsettias, candy canes, stars…red and green everywhere you go—all of this can mean only one thing: Christmas is coming!  We love to

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Five Surprising Weight-loss Tricks

Maybe you’ve tried it all—Jenny Craig, the Keto diet, Paleo, intermittent fasting, Atkins; you name it. And maybe you’ve lost some weight with one or more of these methods. Hooray!

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What’s Your Parenting Style?

Every mom or dad has a parenting style. Your parenting style grows out of your personality type, childhood background, and life experience. The four basic styles¾ ”permissive,” “free-reigning,” “authoritarian” and “controlling”¾each

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Four Names of God and What They Mean

In Old Testament times, names were very significant. A person’s name often revealed something about their place of birth or character. It’s not surprising then, since names were so important

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