Anna Bakes Cookies: A Delicious New Business

“Today, we will live in the moment.  Unless it’s unpleasant, in which case, we will eat a cookie.” 

~ Cookie Monster

No one ever talks about anything positive that came from our shutdown.  But for Anna Holbrook, the isolation opened up a new opportunity for her through baking.  Anna has always enjoyed baking, but she was able to dive into new creative waters and, in the process, found a love for creating pretty, delicious, and unique cookie designs to help her customers celebrate every kind of milestone.

“I started the business in March 2020,” said Anna.  “It started with some family and friends, and it’s grown from there.  Business continues to grow!  I’ve found baking cookies to be a great way to round out my full-time job at Wake Forest Baptist Health, where I work as a wellness coordinator.  While I love my full-time job, baking cookies feeds my creative side and is both fun and rewarding.”

Anna has had a lot of fun coming up with creative cookies, including themes for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, and even a cookie charcuterie board.  “I’ve had so much fun coming up with ideas and putting my own twist on the inspiration provided by others,” Anna continued.  “It took a lot of practice to learn how to do this, but I’m really pleased with how things have come together.  Additionally, everything I do is scratch-made.  I tried a lot of different cookie recipes before writing my own.  I feel that I’ve landed on a cookie recipe that is delicious and lends itself to the edible artwork of the cookie designs.

“Besides making my own,” continued Anna, “For most holidays, I’ve put together decorative DIY boxes for families to decorate cookies together.  The kits include baked cookies and bagged icing—ready for some sweet family fun!”

For those who want to order custom cookies, Anna needs a minimum of two weeks’ notice.  In addition to her custom-made decorated cookies, Anna can provide other cookie varieties for your special event or party!

Anna Bakes Cookies is based in Winston-Salem and can be found on Facebook and Instagram.  Call or text Anna at 336.661.5860 or e-mail



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