A Year of Festivities: Random Holidays that You May Not Know About

Did you know that January is “Be Kind to Your Server Month”? Or that February 26th is “Tell a Fairy Tale Day”? When it comes to holidays, a person usually thinks of the more widely celebrated ones like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Then, it goes to the smaller ones such as Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. However, there are hundreds of holidays throughout the year. 

These random, quirky and unique holidays are featured 365 days of the year. In fact, there is probably a celebration of some sort each day. There is something for everyone, no matter his or her interests. Do you see an entertaining day or two to add to your list of festivities? 


6th – National Shortbread Day 

8th – Bubble Bath Day 

17th – Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day 

20th – National Cheese Lovers Day 

31st – National Hot Chocolate Day 


4th – Ice Cream for Breakfast Day 

10th – National Flannel Day 

17th – Random Acts of Kindness Day 

20th – National Love Your Pet Day 

25th – National Clam Chowder Day 


1st – World Compliment Day 

3rd – National Doodle Day 

17th – World Sleep Day 

22nd – National Goof-Off Day 

26th – Make Your Own Holiday Day 


7th – National No Housework Day 

16th – Go Fly a Kite Day 

18th – Velociraptor Awareness Day 

26th – Hug a Friend Day 

29th – International Dance Day 


3rd – Great American Grump Out

5th – International Space Day 

9th – Lost Sock Remembrance Day 

22nd – Sherlock Holmes Day 

30th – National Mint Julep Day 


1st – Say Something Nice Day 

18th – International Picnic Day 

20th – Daylight Appreciation Day 

26th – National Chocolate Pudding Day 



2nd – I Forgot Day 

8th – National Ice Cream Sundae Day 

16th – World Snake Day 

22nd – Summer Leisure Day 

30th – National Cheesecake Day 


1st – National Night Out 

6th – International Forgiveness Day 

12th – World Elephant Day 

26th – Women’s Equality Day 

31st – Eat Outside Day 


6th – Read a Book Day 

13th – Fortune Cookie Day 

19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day 

25th – National Cooking Day 

26th – National Pancake Day 


2nd – Name Your Car Day 

11th – It’s My Party Day 

15th – “I Love Lucy” Day 

23rd – National iPod Day 

25th – World Opera Day 


3rd – National Sandwich Day 

5th – Guy Fawkes Day 

14th – National Pickle Day 

24th – National Day of Listening 

27th – Turtle Adoption Day 


4th – National Kitten Day 

15th – Bill of Rights Day 

17th – National Maple Syrup Day 

23rd – Festivus 

30th – No Interruptions Day 

These random holidays are creative days to celebrate something out of the ordinary. Make it a goal this new year to choose at least one fun day to honor each month. Play some games or have some tasty treats – these lively commemorations are just reminders that life and all that it offers should be honored on a daily basis.


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