7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Prom Corsages and Boutonnieres

You have the perfect dress. You have the glamorous hairstyle and makeup. Now, all you need are the corsages and boutonnieres. A corsage is a small flower bouquet that is commonly given by a girl’s date. As for boutonnieres, these are a single flower or bud worn by men. The history of these designs dates back to Ancient Greece, when they were worn to ward off evil spirits. Now, they are necessities for prom. Corsages and boutonnieres started when men picked up their dates and gave them a bouquet of flowers. Then, they took a bud and pinned it to her dress. Before heading to your neighborhood florist for prom corsages and boutonnieres, here are the seven things you need to know:

  1. Know the 2018 prom flower trends. According to Allison Dahl, owner of Dahlia’s Floral Design & Vintage Décor in Clemmons, the more sparkle and glitz, the better when it comes to prom corsages and boutonnieres. “It is a special day, so why not go big?”
  2. Be prepared when shopping. Corsages and boutonnieres come in multiple styles and varieties. There is really something for everyone, but you should remember that your flowers should always enhance you and your dates’ outfits. At Dahlia’s Floral Design & Vintage Décor, prom goers can get customized corsages and boutonnieres. Dahl recommends always bringing in pictures of the lady’s dress when picking out the colors of your flowers.
  3. Who pays for what. Traditionally, the male will pay for the corsage and the female will pay for his boutonniere. However, when it comes to picking out the arrangements, most of the time it is left up to the girls and/or moms. “We have lots of moms come in and choose the corsages and boutonnieres at our shop,” said Dahl. This helps to make sure both flower designs match the couple’s prom attire.
  4. Prices for every budget. Corsages and boutonnieres don’t have to be expensive to look nice. The rule of thumb is that corsages are 10% of the cost of the dress. However, this doesn’t have to apply to you and your date. Talk with your florist and let them know your budget. They will make sure your night to remember will be complete with the perfect corsage and boutonniere.
  5. Where do I wear it? Corsages are typically worn on a lady’s wrist, but the key as to where to wear your corsage is what looks best with your dress. For example, it can be worn on the bodice of your dress close to your shoulder. Also, they can be pinned to your hair. Lastly, corsages can be attached to your clutch or purse. As for boutonnieres, there is only one way to wear it, guys. This single bud is placed on the man’s jacket’s left lapel right above the heart. The flower’s stem is facing down.
  6. Order early. Dahl stresses ordering your corsages and boutonnieres as early as possible. “The dates for the various proms fall during our busy wedding season,” she said. “Also, some happen the weekend of Mother’s Day. The earlier the better. Also, this allows for more time to get the exact flowers needed to match your outfits.” Corsages and boutonnieres will be picked up on the day of prom to get the freshest selection possible.
  7. When to give them to your date. The first-time dates see each other on prom night, whether it is for pictures, dinner, etc., the corsages and boutonnieres are exchanged. The girl will pin the boutonniere on her date, and the guy will either pin the corsage on the lady’s dress or slip it on her wrist.

Prom is an exciting event that every high schooler will remember for the rest of his or her life. Make the night a little more special by choosing the ideal corsage and boutonniere. Don’t forget to let them dry and press the flowers after prom is over; that way you’ll be able to keep the designs for years to come.



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