City Lights Ministry: Growing to Serve

A 2015 study by Harvard University showed that Forsyth County, NC was the worst county in which to be born in poverty. With few exceptions, those born in poverty in […]

Lids to Benches A New Recycling Model

A recent national study found that more than 90% of Americans participate in some type of recycling, whether on a weekly basis with a bin they set by the curb […]

Sept 2021 “From the Heart”

Happy Fall, y’all! September through November is considered fall, and it’s one of my favorite seasons! Bring on football, pumpkin spice everything and cooler weather! Since our last issue, my […]

Skywatcher: Measuring Time and Direction

Calendars and clocks, the essence of time measurement, began with man first looking up to the heavens and discovering patterns, daily and seasonal. Located within the Milky Way’s Galaxy, our […]

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