Woodard & Company Asset Management Group: Why Quality and Diversification Matters to Investors

Woodard & Company’s “golden rule” sums up their philosophy of how they do business—”Always buy quality and diversify.”™ Their fundamental premise for investment is trademarked and is foundational to the way Woodard & Company has operated since 1985.  A registered investment advisory firm, Woodard & Company Asset Management Group, Inc., is led by John Woodard.  […]

Creatively Caring for Kids with Cancer: September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

One of the most difficult diagnoses for kids is the worst “C” word: Cancer. Worldwide, according to St Jude, more than 400,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer. These young ones struggling and suffering with this life-threatening illness need our support. There are lots of ways to help out. You don’t have to be […]

City Lights Ministry: Growing to Serve

A 2015 study by Harvard University showed that Forsyth County, NC was the worst county in which to be born in poverty. With few exceptions, those born in poverty in Winston-Salem have the most difficult time escaping poverty than anywhere else in America. This is alarming and concerning. However, Pastor Melanie Bell of City Lights […]

Lids to Benches A New Recycling Model

A recent national study found that more than 90% of Americans participate in some type of recycling, whether on a weekly basis with a bin they set by the curb or by putting their water bottle in the recycle bin at the gym, instead of throwing it in the trash. Many of the businesses that […]

Sept 2021 “From the Heart”

Happy Fall, y’all! September through November is considered fall, and it’s one of my favorite seasons! Bring on football, pumpkin spice everything and cooler weather! Since our last issue, my family checked off an amazing bucket list vacation. Driving from San Francisco down the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles. My heart is so full […]

Shop for Christmas Now to Avoid Supply-Chain Problems

Santa looks back fondly on the days when his biggest problem was fog and Rudolph, with his glowing nose, to guide the loaded sleigh through the soup. But the 2021 holiday season could have thick supply problems that hamper stocking shelves at brick-and-mortar retailers and online retailers. Several have been creating supply-chain tangles throughout the […]

Skywatcher: Measuring Time and Direction

Calendars and clocks, the essence of time measurement, began with man first looking up to the heavens and discovering patterns, daily and seasonal. Located within the Milky Way’s Galaxy, our location, the third planet, can enlighten skywatchers to the universe’s movements.  Following all the other heavenly observers, you, too, can measure time and direction using […]

Making Grandparents Feel Special from Across the Miles

Grandparents play such an important role in our lives! The memories our children make with them are not only important to their childhood, but so precious to their grandparents! These days, many families live long distances from one another, separated by cities, states or for some, even countries! While advances in technology have made staying […]

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