My Favorite Pen Pal

BY HANNAH CALLAWAY  If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked, “How did you find out you were adopted?” I would be a rich woman. There’s a widely held assumption that adopted children discover the buried truth about their familial history in a massive, emotionally-charged moment. My answer is surprising to some, […]

Raising Resilient Children

The first time you hold your sweet, fragile, innocent child is a life-changing moment. The desire to love, provide, and protect comes swiftly, and an unspoken bond is created. We safety-proof the house to keep our babies and toddlers safe, and continue trying to safety-proof their lives to prevent physical and emotional pain. The desire […]

Military Dogs, Trained for Duty

What does it take to fulfill the high expectational standards of the United States military war dog program?   Only specific breeds possess the intelligence and drive to engage in brave acts directed by their handler.  Eighty-five-percent of all military working dogs, MWD, come from countries that breed world-famous canine lines. Before newborns open their eyes, […]

“To Thine Own Self Be True”- Shakespearean Favorites for Kids!

March is here, and another line from a Shakespeare play enters the scene. . . “Beware the Ides of March,” warned the soothsayer in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar as a prophetic precursor to the assassination of Julius Caesar (“et tu Brute?”) Whether the brutal overthrow of the Roman ruler and other dramatic Shakespearean tragedies (e.g., Romeo […]

Understanding Your Sensory Child

What does the word sensory mean? “Relating to sensation or the sensory stimulation of the senses.” “Conveying nerve impulses from the sense organs to the nerve centers.” The hard-wiring of electricity is similar to how our cerebral cortex connects to sensory inputs and motor outputs.  Arms and legs move accordingly, as well as produce the […]

My Grace-Full Life: Forgiveness

Fun fact about me — I love to watch true-crime documentaries. I’ve done my fair share of reading true- crime books, too, but those can sometimes scare me more than the documentaries.  And when a book scares me, it goes in the freezer, which leads to all kinds of awkward explanations to my family when […]

Coming Home after Life in the Big Apple

BY:  KAREN COOPER As a child filled with wanderlust and for as long as I can remember wanting anything, I wanted to live in New York City. The BIG Apple, the place where anything is possible in a city that never sleeps! It beckons you at every turn…on TV, in the movies…you read about it […]

Dutch Ovens and Campfires

Throughout the year, men and women, boys and girls anticipate the opportunity to sit in foldable chairs surrounded by a brilliant starry sky, a blazing campfire, and good conversation. But as the center attraction to most gatherings, the food  is what encourages individuals to accept an invitation to flavorful “good eats.” Campfire food is much […]

Soapmaking, a Practical and Satisfying Skill

Through direct contact with water, a bar of soap moves around the surface of your skin, dissolving dirt and layers of oil while lifting pathogens.  While the mind knows the act of handwashing leads to proper health, there is also a distinct joy in handling the small weight.  You may prefer oval, block, or square […]

Retirement Savings Tips: From Your 20s to Your 60s

By Steven Gallo, CFP® Financial Advisor Financial planning is a lifelong endeavor, but people often seek out investment advice that doesn’t fit their current stage in life. When it comes to saving for retirement, most Americans invest and manage those savings for six decades or longer. It’s important to consider how your resources and risk […]