Straw Bale Garden Wonders

Finally, there is an answer to an organic gardener’s prayers—straw bales!  It’s clever when you consider that this medium holds in moisture, prevents weed seedlings from forming, and is the […]

RISE Against Domestic Violence

Dear Friends, Last year, Christy and I led the inaugural RISE Against Domestic Violence Campaign for Family Services. We raised over $60,000 and brought 180 new donors to Family Services. With this […]

Do You Have Test Anxiety?

There comes a time during the academic school year that is quite daunting: the “End of Course” test. You have studied, learned the material, and aced all of your homework assignments, […]

Journeying with Jesus

Karl Barth, the famous Swiss theologian once said “Take your Bible and take your newspaper, and read both. But interpret newspapers from your Bible.” Perhaps if Barth was with us […]

Why Am I Not Popular?

We’ve all known them. The good-looking, charismatic, impeccably dressed kids who were smart, but not too smart, cool, and trendy. Maybe you were one of them. Or maybe you were among the […]

“From the Heart”

Despite the pandemic causing our normal rapid pace of activities to slow down…time has still managed to fly by. It’s September already, and I’m left wondering where time has gone! […]

Helping Kids Develop Imagination and Creativity

Where would we be without vision, creative ingenuity, and artistic license? Our lives wouldn’t be very happy or exciting. Einstein recognized this, saying, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Both […]

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