Triad Moms on Main: Tips for Visiting Disney World

If you are traveling to Disney World with your family, planning ahead is key! Details and further explanations on each of these tips below can be found on Triad Moms on Main’s website. Simply type “Disney” in the search bar, and you will see “20 Random Tips for Visiting Disney World” pop up!

  1. Use a Disney Vacation Planner.This is a travel agent who specializes in Disney. They earn commission from Disney, so you pay nothing.
  2. Download the “My Disney Experience” app.Everything is at your fingertips… wait times for rides, pictures from your visit, meal plan balance, fast pass opportunities, etc.
  3. Get your Fast Passes early.These allow you to make a “reservation” for a ride during a designated time slot. You can do this through the My Disney Experience App, or your Disney planner will do this for you.
  4. Arrive when the park opens.Your wait time will be almost nothing during the off-season, and minimal during peak season.
  5. Watch the Opening Performance at the Magic Kingdom. We love this as a start to our morning!
  6. Everything takes longer than you think it will. Allow extra time each day in your schedule!
  7. Don’t stress about transportation. People often make a big to-do about staying on the grounds, so you don’t have to worry about driving yourself. We have stayed both on and off the Disney grounds and taking the Disney buses versus driving ourselves wasn’t much different.
  8. Bring your own drinks. You will save a bundle.
  9. Dining Plan or No Dining Plan? If you are visiting when the dining plan is offered for free, of course, do it. BUT if you usually just grab a granola bar for breakfast and aren’t a big snacker, I would opt out of the meal plan. Take a look at the menus and restaurants online to gauge what might be the best fit for your family.
  10. Limit Souvenirs. Give kids the choice of one souvenir per day. This helps keep the begging to a minimum.
  11. Make meal reservations.You go from hungry to HANGRY in minutes! Plan ahead.
  12. Avoid Saturdays and Holidays.Our past three vacations have been in mid-October and early December, during off-peak times. There have been minimal waits, minimal crowds, and perfect temperatures.
  13. Use the Single Rider Line for Test Track. If you have little ones, this may not be your best bet, but if you have independent kids who don’t mind riding without you, this is the way to go! Minimal wait.
  14. Look for Hidden Mickeys.The classic ears can be found all over the parks and resorts. It’s a great way to entertain little ones!
  15. Naps are good.Head to your hotel to nap after lunch when crowds are busiest and then go back later in the day.
  16. Use the “Rider Switch.”Allows parents into each ride with their child without having to wait in line again.
  17. Use the park maps. Lay out some sort of plan for where you will go and when. You will walk A LOT at Disney, so there is no need to add extra work for yourself or your little ones.
  18. Take a backpack.A few items that are great to pack: drinks, cell phone, sunscreen, rain poncho (for bad weather and/or the River Rapids and Splash Mountain rides), sunglasses, hats, jackets, wipes/hand sanitizer, snacks.
  19. Don’t read every tip and guidebook.This is supposed to be a vacation, so relax and enjoy it! Plan ahead by using the tips above (visit my blog for more details), visit the Disney website, and talk to a friend or two who has visited previously. You will be fine without downloading a library of resources!
  20. It’s not just an amusement park. This is for anyone who has never visited Disney World before. Don’t expect the county fair or an amusement park with rows and rows of thrill rides. Disney World is completely different. It’s not just about the rides. It’s the entire experience. The engineers and cast members take into account all five senses. You will smell the beach as you pass over water on Soarin’, you will hear the Seven Dwarfs singing as you enter into the Mine Train, you will see fireworks and lights and theme-related décor everywhere you turn, you will hug characters whom you’ve only seen on a screen, and you will taste food from around the world in Epcot. Take it all in and enjoy the downtime just as much as you enjoy the excitement on an attraction!

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