Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

While it’s the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” Christmas can also the most stressful time of the year for many of us.  We all keep pretty busy schedules year-round and the Holiday season can often add a heap of new obligations and responsibilities on top of days that were already plenty full. We long for a time of peace and joy, celebrating the birth of Jesus with family and friends, but all too often, we are too busy and stressed to really soak in the reason for the season.

Now, try to imagine how stressful the Holidays might be for your pastor. He and his family deal with the same Christmas chaos that many of us do, and then there are countless church activities they are expected to lead, or at least attend, throughout the season.  On top of that, many people in his congregation are struggling with anxiety and depression that often surfaces during the Holidays, so the need for pastoral counseling may increase as well. Finding time to quietly celebrate Christmas with his own family is a challenge, to say the least.

As you are dealing with the extra work and stress that the Holidays may bring, try to remember your pastor and his family are struggling, too.  As you pray for peace, rest and rejuvenation for yourself, include them in your prayers, as well. Finally, #betheone to remind the people you go to church with that your pastor and his family also deserve a Merry Christmas, and find ways to work together to lighten his load this Christmas season.


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