Jeffrey Adams on Fourth

There are many dining options when it comes to prom night, but very few offer the convenience, quality, and atmosphere of Jeffrey Adams on Fourth. Already a popular location for those looking to enjoy a night on the town throughout the year, in the coming months, prom-goers from high schools across the Triad will be dazzling their dates with fancy dinner invitations before the dancing begins.

Several of the large high schools in our area host proms in downtown locations such as the Benton Convention Center and the Millennium Center. Both of these venues are practically within walking distance from Jeffrey Adams. Additionally, there is a convenient parking deck located right behind the restaurant for those who will be ditching the limousine in favor of chauffeuring their dates themselves. But location and convenience are not the only reasons Jeffrey Adams is a hotspot for prom nights; the menu has something for everyone, from the pickiest of eaters to those who consider fast food a staple.

Co-owner Adam Andrews suggests making reservations as soon as possible, because prom nights are typically very busy—and booking early, especially if you have a large group. “We are known for taking larger parties…we have a private dining room downstairs in the wine cellar,” related Adam. About 20-30 kids can be accommodated in there.” This is a fantastic option for those groups sharing limos and looking to have a nice dinner together before heading over to the prom. However, those looking to keep it small and sweet can also make reservations for smaller tables upstairs.

Hands down, the best part of dining at Jeffrey Adams on prom night is the food. This time of year is great because some of the produce from Adam’s farm is ready and integrated into the menu. “Tomatoes will start coming in then, so those dishes will include our farm tomatoes,” mentioned Adam. “The tomato and mozzarella salad is always a popular option. Our summer pasta will be back on the menu by then with angel hair, pesto sauce, wild mushrooms and fresh veggies from the farm.”

For those looking to impress, there are several steaks available. Of course, there are also lighter options like chicken wraps. “Our seafood risotto will be back on the menu in the spring,” confirmed Adam. This is perhaps the most popular main dish at Jeffrey Adams. And, the pot roast nachos are likely the most popular appetizer. For dessert? “Our cheesecake is really popular…Chef Nick makes it in-house,” explained Adam. “Our dark chocolate crème brûlée is also great.”

Before you consider anywhere else, make a reservation at Jeffrey Adams for prom night. Whether you have a date yet or not, there’s no harm in planning ahead! Since you’ll be dressed to impress, you should also choose to dine to impress!

Jeffrey Adams on Fourth is located at 321 4th Street in Winston-Salem. For more information or to make a reservation, call 336.448.1714, or visit the website at


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