Jason W. Keller, FIC, RICP, CFFM Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial Building on a Foundation of Trust

Choosing a financial advisor is a huge matter of trust. After all—you depend on the guidance and expertise of someone to oversee your money and help you grow your financial future.  Whether you have invested a little or a lot—we are all protective of our money!  With that in mind, it’s a priority to find a trusted resource.  Modern Woodmen is a different kind of company, but the most significant difference boils down to the agent and representatives.

So, why would you choose Modern Woodmen?

To answer that question, we first have to ask, “Who are the Modern Woodmen?”  Modern Woodmen of America is a member-owned, fraternal financial services organization. “Fraternal,” as the name implies, points to the member-centered organization that is driven by a common purpose of supporting quality family life, community impact, and financial security.

There are 87 Modern Woodmen districts across the country.  Leading the Central Carolina Modern Woodmen team is Jason Keller.  Jason brings a rich and diverse background to Modern Woodmen that benefits both his clients and the team he leads.

“Before I joined Modern Woodmen,” explained Jason, “I was a teacher.  Though I was raised in Morganton, North Carolina, I went to college in Pensacola, Florida and stayed to teach.  By day, I taught math, science, and history to sixth graders at one of the largest private schools in the Southeast.  And in the evenings, I worked on my Master’s degree.  Two years later, after earning my Master’s, I was offered a position as an upper elementary principal, where I led 16 teachers and 500 students.

“After four years, I felt a calling to go home to North Carolina,” Jason continued.  “After I relocated to the Triad, I spent four years as a principal at a private school in Davidson County.”

Jason left the education field and found himself in the role of a business consultant.  “It seems like an odd transition, but I love small business. That was a primary focus of mine in college, and I enjoyed the new challenge.  Especially as I helped a friend turn his struggling business into something successful and profitable.”

After his friend sold his business, Jason took another job, but soon realized that as long as he wasn’t the boss—he was going to be limited.  And he wanted to experience growth and new challenges.

“While all of this was going on,” shared Jason, “I had been helping a friend from church with some financial planning.  My friend eventually asked me why I wasn’t making a living at what I’d been helping him do, and honestly, I spent the next six months pondering that very question.”

“I was familiar with Modern Woodmen, because as a teacher, they were one of the few financial planning companies who were willing to take the time to work with teachers and teacher salaries.  So, in 2013—I decided to go for it.”

Jason Keller called a recruiter for Modern Woodmen. He was the first in Central North Carolina to follow the Pathway to Leadership track.  In six short years, Jason has grown tremendously.  “Without the glass ceiling limiting my progress, I was made a Managing Partner of Modern Woodmen inside of two years,” said Jason. “Now, I manage a team of 16 agents and six offices in Central North Carolina.”

And as if Jason weren’t busy enough with the operations of his office, he’s also an Executive Pastor for Freedom Family Church in Liberty, North Carolina.  Jason is also married with five children, one of whom is in the National Guard, and the other four are students at Winston-Salem Christian School.

“I love this business,” said Jason.  “While I have a very full plate, my job is a passion for me because at the heart of it—it’s still teaching.  I may have left the field of education over ten years ago, but teaching has never left me.”

While most people don’t typically think of teaching and financial advisor in tandem, for Jason, it’s a natural segue.  “We can never stop learning or growing.  I don’t want my clients to be uninformed about their money.  So a big part of my financial advisory strategy is teaching them how to manage their money for optimal growth.”

And teaching doesn’t start and stop with the client.  “I teach my team every Monday.  We are always learning something new.  We utilize a lot of John Maxwell’s leadership strategies, and in 2018, I became a John Maxwell Team Certified Trainer.”

It boils down to the compound effect, which is Jason’s favorite part of his job.  “When I can help someone understand how to make better choices now, it’s going to have an impact on their future, and the future of their family, as well as the future of their community.  It’s like that stone thrown into a still pond.  The ripple effects are wide-reaching, and while I may not know the long-term impact, I am grateful to be a part of it.  I’m helping our clients build a better future for themselves and their families.  And I’m helping our team members grow and develop their own financial independence and professional portfolio.”

“When I bring someone new on our team,” said Jason, “I’m looking for people who have a passion for growing and a thirst for knowledge.  By building a team of professionals who share my vision, the sky is really the limit! It enables me to juggle my roles as a husband, father, and minister.”

Community involvement is also a priority for Jason. “I serve on an advisory committee that designs and oversees programs for Forsyth County High School students who are participating in work-based learning academies.  It’s been great!  I’ve even been able to hire some high school interns to help them develop their skills and resumes.”

Jason is also active in the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce and has served on the Board since 2014.  “The Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce is an amazing organization,” said Jason.  “With such an emphasis on small, locally-owned businesses, it’s been a great way to meet others in the community, especially in the various leads groups.”

2019 has gotten off to a great start for Jason. “I’m expanding my services this year to include public speaking engagements,” he said.  “As a John Maxwell Team Certified Trainer, I can help organizations with leadership and development strategies, in addition to helping counsel others to be financially healthy.  It’s a win-win in my opinion.”

Modern Woodmen of America has given Jason the opportunity to embrace his love for teaching while stretching his entrepreneurial wings.  He’s asked many questions throughout the course of a day, and a common one always circles back to the name of the organization.  “People ask me all the time if I carry an axe,” laughed Jason.  “No—I don’t even own an axe.”

Jason Keller is the Managing Partner for the Central North Carolina Region of Modern Woodmen of America.  His district office is located at 8011 N. Point Boulevard in Winston-Salem. He also has offices in Clemmons, Greensboro, Asheboro, Archdale, and Concord.  Call Jason at 336.403.0943 to set up an appointment.  You can find Jason online at ModernWoodmen.org.  Be sure to like his page on Facebook!

Securities offered through MWA Financial Service, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Modern Woodmen of America, 1701 1st Ave., Rock Island, IL 61201, 309-558-3100 Member: FINRA, SIPC.


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