Growing Readers and Writers at Our Learning Studio

BY CATHLEEN KILLEEN-PITTMAN, Founder, Our Learning Studio

As the end of another school year rapidly approaches, many parents are scheduling camps, vacations, and other fun activities. The summer break also provides time to ensure that your child has a solid educational foundation. Research shows that on average students lose two months of grade level equivalency over the summer break.

If your child has been struggling in school, summer can be an excellent time to make gains through private tutoring and help your child start the next school year with an increased level of confidence. Working with a tutor allows your child to receive a level of individual attention that’s difficult to achieve in the larger classroom setting. An experienced tutor can individualize instruction based on your child’s learning style, provide remediation to fill in missing building blocks, and assist with organizational and study skills.

Our Learning Studio, located in Winston-Salem, is a private tutoring practice for Pre-K through 8thgrade students needing extra support with reading and writing skills. Learning opportunities at OLS include:

Reading Intervention

Does your child struggle with decoding? Is reading comprehension an ongoing challenge? Multi-sensory reading intervention may be the answer. There are five essential building blocks to reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. These intensive one-on-one tutoring sessions are designed to fill in the missing building blocks through phonics-based, multi-sensory activities.  Each lesson is individualized and focused on increasing the student’s confidence as a reader and scholar.

Writing Instruction

Reading and writing go hand in hand. As children acquire additional reading skills, improvement in their writing is usually evident. While students may be able to tell detailed stories, they often have difficulty getting their words on paper. These one-on-one writing sessions are purposeful and intensive yet fun and out of the box!

Parent Workshops

If you’re interested in teaching your child at home using a multi-sensory approach, consider attending a one-on-one reading workshop for parents. Come learn about hands-on reading strategies for Pre-K and elementary-aged students! These 90-minute consultations are conducted on a one-on-one basis to cater to your child’s specific needs. Small group parent workshops (limited to 10 participants) are offered periodically. Subscribe to the newsletter at to have registration information delivered to your inbox!

Homeschooling Classes

Small group reading and writing classes are offered throughout the school year, and enrollment is done on a quarterly basis. Come join us at OLS where class sizes are small, lessons are engaging, and partnerships with families are valued!

Kindergarten Readiness Summer Camp

If your rising Kindergartener needs extra support but does not require the intensity of one-on-one instruction, enrollment in this four-day summer camp may be the perfect option! Foundational skills will be presented in a fun, multi-sensory setting.

Summer Tutoring

What a wonderful time for your child to make academic gains and increase confidence before the start of the next school year! Enrollment for summer tutoring begins May 1st, and scheduling is flexible to account for vacations, camps, and other activities.

For more information about learning opportunities at Our Learning Studio, please visit

With over 25 years of experience as an educator, Dr. Cathleen Killeen-Pittman, the owner of Our Learning Studio, specializes in using a multi-sensory, phonics-based approach to help her students blossom as readers and writers. Schedule a complimentary parent consultation to discuss your child’s needs and learn how the literacy instruction provided at OLS could benefit your child! For more information, contact Dr. Killeen-Pittman at or visit



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