Which Exciting Camp Will Your Child Love?

Whether your child enjoys robots, cupcakes, Fortnite, or theater, FCDS Summer Enrichment has plenty of activities to let him or her discover new passions, create masterpieces, meet friends, and take learning to the next level.

Our experienced instructors and excellent facilities will ensure a memorable summer experience for your child. FCDS Summer Enrichment offers more than 100 different camps, as well as13 academic programs through the Johnson Academic Center.

Here’s a sample of 10 exciting camps your child may enjoy:

1) 7 Habits of a Teen Leader – rising 6-12

Build leadership skills this summer by writing mission statements, responding to journal prompts, and doing reflective exercises. Students will work on the following habits during the week: being proactive, beginning with the end in mind, putting first things first, thinking win-win, seeking to first understand and then to be understood, to synergize, and to sharpen the saw.

2) Cookies and Cupcakes – rising 3-9

Put on an apron and join us for a week of baking adventures! Each day will be a new baking and decorating challenge. Campers will not only enjoy the fun of baking, but also the yummy treats along the way!

3) Duct Tape Designs – rising 3-9

Grab a favorite roll of duct tape and join the fun! Campers will be exposed to a variety of different crafts that can be made out of rolls and rolls of duct tape. We provide the tape, your child provides the creativity! The projects are endless!

4) Ecology for Kids – rising 1-5

Ecology is the study of how ecosystems work. Come join us as we explore the ecology of Forsyth Country Day School. Some fun activities will include camera traps around school to record wildlife, creating nest boxes for screech owls, and planting milkweed to attract threatened monarch butterflies! (Ecology for Middle Schoolers is also available.)

5) Engineering 101 – rising 3-9

Join FCDS scientists to engineer and create amazing inventions. We’ll step into a workshop of gadgets to create and construct superstructures and imaginative inventions! We will dream up and experiment with many hands-on projects.

6) Film Editing – rising 6-9

Lights, camera, act on this one fast! In this course, students will also be introduced to storytelling through filmmaking and video editing. Controlled lighting and camera techniques will be gone over as well. Come explore the endless possibilities of film and, by the end of the week, campers will be able to create their own music video!

7) Green Thumb Gardening – rising 1-7

Summer is the time for growing plants! Come join this exciting camp to learn about different types of gardening that you can do, right in your own backyard! Campers will learn how to plant and what types of plants to use as we delve into potted plants, succulents, vegetables, and butterfly gardening.

8) Maker’s Camp – rising 3-9

Does your child like to take things apart to see how they work? Has he or she ever tried to build an arcade out of cardboard boxes or a working piano out of fruit? Fuel creativity and curiosity through a series of hands-on design challenges that address real-world problems. The week will be filled with tinkering, building, engineering, solving, questioning, and thinking.

9) Ninja Warrior Fitness and Training – rising 3-9

Join us for a week of Ninja Warrior fitness and training. We will use obstacles around our campus, as well as local parks to build strength, endurance, and confidence. This session helps overcome physical obstacles while teaching campers to have the mental strength to overcome life’s obstacles as well. We will also take trips off campus to get strength and conditioning skills from area coaches and sports facilities.

10) Rube Goldberg Challenge – rising 5-9

Humans can do lots of things, but so can simple machines. How can you use a series of simple machines to erase a chalkboard, water a plant, put toothpaste on a toothbrush, or make a cup of coffee? We’ll use humor and invention to complicate rather mundane tasks by creating chain reactions with machines.

We hope your child will join us for FCDS Summer Enrichment! Learn more and register at fcds.org/summer today.


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