Creating a Different Legacy in the Triad: JP & Associates Realtors Legacy Group

Tim Gupton and Jenny Edwards are seasoned Realtors® with a drive and heart for real estate. Because of their shared enthusiasm for the industry, when a new opportunity presented itself to leave a new kind of legacy in the Triad, they had to jump on it.

“JP & Associates is a different kind of real estate agency,” explained Tim. “It’s a brokerage which gives realtors a unique opportunity to be more focused on their clients by offering them 100% commission and access to powerful tools. It’s the fastest growing 100% commission-based brokerage firm in America, which is especially impressive, since it was founded only eight years ago.”

As Tim and Jenny build their Winston-Salem based team, these business partners serve in different capacities. “I am the managing partner with a focus on the business and operations,” said Tim. “So, I am no longer selling, but Jenny continues to sell, and leads a team developed to mentor new and struggling agents in our group.”

This strategic alliance is rooted in a collaborative partnership that is reflective of values that both Tim and Jenny hold dear. Tim shared, “JP & Associates was founded by a Realtor® who asked the question, ‘What would be the ideal place to work for an agent?’ And then, he built it.  It’s a brand that’s based on what’s best for the buyers, the sellers, and the agents.”

“If the agent is happy,” said Jenny, “they can take better care of their clients. That means more satisfied buyers and sellers. The problem in the industry is that so many firms are firm-focused. The agents don’t always get what they need.  JP & Associates Realtors® is focused on equipping them to be successful. That is a concept that is very near and dear to my heart.”

Tim agreed. “At JP & Associates Realtors®, we have centralized resources that give our agents the tools they need to get the job done. From office location, administrative professionals, technology programs and systems, professional development, leads systems, and even health care plans—JP & Associates Realtors® is offering more to their agents.

“We are so excited about this,” Tim continued. “To build something impactful that will help the agents who join our team, which in turn, helps our clients—it’s our legacy.”

“Which is why,” explained Jenny, “we chose to name our franchise group ‘JP & Associates Realtors Legacy Group.’ We want our work to have a purpose that lives beyond us. People will always need homes, and therefore, they will need real estate professionals to help facilitate the process. Our new agency will foster that environment. For the new agents who are just getting started in the field, we can help groom them and guide them through the real-life applications of real estate. And for the experienced agents, we offer the best in technology and the best return on investment for their business.”

This new venture opened in June 2019 and is already going strong, with seven full-time agents currently on the team. “We continue to add additional real estate agents,” said Jenny. “We have been blessed and are looking to help other agents fulfill their careers.”

Beyond the work they are doing to build this new real estate legacy in the Triad, Tim and Jenny are very community-oriented. “We’ve adopted several community outreach projects that are special to us for different reasons,” said Tim. “We’re involved with the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome; the Ronald McDonald House; Backpacks for Title One; and Habitat for Humanity. Our team is service-focused to our clients, so it only makes sense that we are service-focused to our community as well.”

JP & Associates Realty Legacy Group may be new to the Triad, but they are already leaving their mark. “We can’t wait to see where this road takes us,” said Tim.  “We’ve opened the first office in Winston-Salem with plans to expand into High Point and Greensboro next year.”

JP & Associates Realty Legacy Group is located at 855 Bethesda Road in Winston-Salem. Call the office at 336.955.1230 or visit online at Be sure to like them on Facebook.


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