Colorful Curb Appeal Accented in Plants

This season inspires leisure drives through neighborhoods to view eye-catching landscapes, such as flowered archways, hanging baskets, or gardens containing vibrant colors.  Have youever asked yourself, “What feature first caught my attention?”  Was it a trellis, the creative use of large stones, or the layering of flower gardens? The ideal yard we yearn for rarely goes beyond the saved-up list of landscape ideas.  This year, you can toss worries aside and create relatively inexpensive props to boost curb appeal.

Chrysanthemums, the Ideal Fall flower

All Spring and Summer, you have cared for your dahlias, Shasta and African daisies, zinnias, asters, and coreopsis.  Don’t feel sad; the beautiful arrays of colors and blossoming shapes are also found within the color and shape ranges of the “diva” of the Fall season, the Chrysanthemum.  Whether you like flashy or casual colors, mums are a preferred perennial, simply because they are pest- and disease-resistant.  The plant makes few demands beyond adequate sunshine and water. Gardeners can remove the root-bound plant from an arrangement, late in the fall season, and plant with great success before the dormant season begins.  Additionally, with the ease of placing a shovel in the center of a mum, you can divide it in half or quarters to double or triple the beauty next year.

A Bowed Structure

Forgo the expensive arch, and consider an alternative means to create a unique entrance.  With a two-by-two beam lodged in the ground, consider allowing the tendrils of a vine to form an archway with your guidance.  Confederate jasmine, Bougainvillea, climbing hydrangea, and clematis are excellent, non-refutable options.  A secondary option is to plant a grapevine or blackberries—two fruits perfect for zone seven. One plant on each side is more than adequate.

Research your vine before planting. Climbing hydrangea has a propensity to leap to broaden its territory and wisteria is capable of destroying foundations, seeping between cracks, and climbing walls.  As you consider the additional weight of fruit clusters, the initial structure may require bracing or another form of support.

Hanging Planters

Along with a wrought-iron crook or wooden post, the addition of a well-placed large basket arranged with the accents of the harvest season can display a autumnal touch; therefore, include a few kale, lettuce, spinach, and cabbage plants.  Kale, for instance, is eye-catching while adding a purple coloring to your arrangement. Think about grasses and cascading plants, such as ivy or the potato vine. And, include the hearty pansy, which, like the mum, has a rainbow of colors!

Small to Big Planters

Take time to meander through the aisles of your favorite local or out-of-town nursery. Great deals occur during this time of year.  You’ll be sure to find a variety that holds blooms from mid-summer through fall.  While the Dahlia comes in every color under the sun, including autumn favorites, you will also find alyssum, asters, black-eyed-Susans, cannas, cornflowers, cosmos, dianthus, helenium, ornamental peppers, perennial sage, sedum, and verbena.

Have Bucket? 

If you have an oval or circular galvanized bucket on hand, consider designing a unique arrangement using pumpkins, gourds, grape vines, and possibly a sweet potato vine for a cascading appeal.  The diverse use of items placed together can create a remarkable display, whether you choose to place it near the lamppost or on the front porch.

Oh, Great Pumpkin!While your fondness for Charlie Brown may question the timing of growing a bed of gourds and pumpkins so early in the year, consider marking your calendar for June of 2020.  And, remember, to produce quality-sized fruits, you’ll need a location easily accessible to a watering system!

The essence of the season is to gather nature’s harvest!  With so many diverse options to create eye-catching arrangements in your yard, you’ll be influencing neighbors and those driving by to follow your creative lead.


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