Calvary Day School Initiates Institute to Build Future Leaders

is to lead in our own day-to-day lives, I believe that using what I have learned in a classroom and applying it in a totally different environment will be both eye-opening and educational,” Bozeman shared. “I really hope to get some hands-on experience with being a different type of leader and with a different audience than what I am used to.”

The Alaskan learning experience is just one opportunity students have where they may apply honed skills and gain additional leadership knowledge through the Leadership Institute.

CDS’s objective with the Leadership Institute is for students to be able to apply and demonstrate principles of Christ-like leadership to every aspect of their lives both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Bozeman said these principles are evident in his life since taking part in the Leadership Institute. “I have applied the skills I have learned inside of school, but also outside,” Bozeman said. “It has helped my thought process, because now I think more like a leader in each of my everyday choices and I know what needs to be done. … I believe I have become much more influential and definitely more decisive in my life.”

Floyd said teaching students how to take the leadership principles taught through the Institute and apply them with a Biblical mindset in every relationship in life is the ultimate goal.  “It is our hope that through the Leadership Institute we will create leaders of the future who have the disciplines of a walk with Christ,” Floyd summed up.

To learn more about the Calvary Day School Leadership Institute or Calvary Day School, please contact Admissions Director Becky Woods at 336-765-5546 or e-mail


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