Parents’ Gift Of A Palliative Care Room Will Help Other Families

BY PAGE LEGGETT  Although she lived just 57 days, Evelyn Kennedy Cochran left a lasting impression on everyone she met. “She was so precious,” said Patty Vandergrift, a neonatal nurse practitioner and Care Always neonatal and perinatal palliative care coordinator at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center. “She loved being held. It was as if she was […]

Turn the Page and Solve Problems

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary day, a dilemma unexpectedly arrives. The most extraordinary situations are encountered in the pages of a book.   We often imagine leading characters as fictitious two-dimensional people, who endeavor to change their circumstances by initiating a desire to go on an adventure. As readers, seeking […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Sushi Inspired Dishes

We are all wishing for Spring! Usher the season in with these fresh, fun, and easy-to-make sushi-inspired dishes. The dark seaweed turns off some picky eaters, so try these seaweed-free options. Don’t forget to use chopsticks! Cucumber Sushi Roll (seaweed-free) Ingredients: 1 can tuna ½ avocado 1 long cucumber 1 squeeze lemon juice 1 Tbsp. […]

Free Range Parenting Is Hard

BY LAURA SIMON, REGULAR BLOGGER FOR TRIAD MOMS ON MAIN I really want to be a free-range parent. Something about that particular parenting style resonates in my gut. I believe it’s good for kids to be trained, prepared, and then allowed to navigate the world without adults hovering in the background. I believe in the […]

7 Books for Preschoolers That Showcase Strong Women

An incredibly important part of early childhood development is parents reading stories to their children. An important part of this act is to make sure that your children are mirrored in the stories, which means making sure the characters in the stories look like them. For little girls, this means reading stories that showcase girls […]

Lent Begins with the Cross of Ash Wednesday

From the season of Advent in December, a time of preparation for the birth of Jesus, Christians now prepare for one of the most important spiritual days on the liturgical calendar. Easter may arrive with great excitement of colored eggs, candy, and new clothing; however, the message is found in the symbolism of the cross.  […]

Keep on the Sunny Side: Spring Cleaning

When Rev. Dr. Sam Wells was the Dean of Duke Chapel at Duke University, I heard him preach a sermon on the importance of being present and preaching peace. He told the story of his experience as a young priest, working hard to change the culture of Christendom in his community, and simultaneously nurturing his […]

My Grace-Full Life: Which Filter Are You Using?

In our selfie-crazed world, oh how we love a good filter. Filters are no longer limited to graphic artists and professional photographers…our smartphone cameras have a whole host of options. Not to mention, easy-to-use apps that can touch up and recolor. I have a lot of graphics apps downloaded to my phone, so I can […]

Minute For Your Minister: Let Down? Lift Up!

For better or worse, we are all fallen human beings. We are likely to mess things up from time to time and let others down in the process. This includes your pastor.  So, what should you do if you believe your pastor has fallen short in some way?  Here is some wisdom recently shared with […]

Tami’s Devotion: Leaning Trees

There are quite a few trees on the property where our house sits. For the most part, we really like them. They provide shade, privacy, and a place for a multitude of birds and critters to live and enjoy. However, on one side of our home, there are (or, were) three tall, scraggly pine trees […]

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