From the Heart: May 2018

May is the month we celebrate moms and female caregivers of the universe! Whether you’re an actual mom to someone or just a maternal figure, we celebrate the selfless love […]

May 3rd—National Day of Prayer

When our country was founded, the Continental Congress of 1775 asked the colonies to pray for wisdom.  Our forefathers recognized the significance and importance of prayer as a part of […]

Wesley Fishel Praise Him in the Storm

There’s so much each day that we take for granted. You are going along in life with just a few bumps in the road, but when something happens that shakes […]

Keep on the Sunny Side: Welcome to May!

After successfully overcoming a long winter, including snow showers late into spring, many of us ache to finally be outside. To open the windows and doors of our house for […]

Tami’s Devotion: To Know Her Is to Love Her

Mother’s Day is a high-pressure holiday for kids and husbands!  It’s tough to find the perfect gift that shows Mom just how much she is loved and appreciated.  And, there’s a lot on […]

Minute for Your Minister: May 2018

Perhaps no marriage relationship is more at risk of spiritual attack than the marriage between a pastor and his wife. Think about it, the enemy could not only destroy a […]

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