Truliant: Is Debt Consolidation Right For You?

Trying to get out of debt? If so, you’re not alone. Each year, millions of Americans struggle with managing their debts. According to a recent study by The Pew Charitable Trusts, 80 percent of Americans report carrying some form of debt, with seven out of 10 claiming that debt is a necessity in their lives. […]

Truliant: Developing Your Monthly Budget

Looking for the perfect time of year to start a monthly budget? Because of the demand it places on your finances, the holidays are a good time to start thinking about ways to better manage your money in the new year. Sitting down and creating a budget has a number of benefits. It allows you […]

Prom Trends 2018

Check out the latest trends for Prom 2018! Make sure to stop at Hip Chics Prom & Formal Wear to find all these and more. Designers include Madison James, Rachel Allan, Clarisse, and many more. Want a subtle but sweet pop of color? Blush is all the rage! The runway was full of blush dresses […]

Here we Grow Again… Introducing Hip Chics Prom & Formal Wear and Village Tuxedo

By Rachel Morris Hip Chics is thrilled to announce the expansion of our prom and tuxedo shop. The new addition, called Hip Chics Prom and Formal Wear and Village Tuxedo is located in the same shopping center as Hip Chics and offers unique prom/formal shopping experience. With over 300 sample dresses to choose from in […]

Modern Woodmen: January 2018

Spend wisely; save wisely A spending plan can help lower student debt while saving for the future It all makes sense when Brittany’s parents talk about the importance of saving for her future. She just doesn’t see how it’s possible while living on her own and trying to pay off tens of thousands of dollars […]

Yancey & Zackeru: Where the Tried-and-True Meets the Young and New

Dr. Lindsay Yancey has been practicing cosmetic and general dentistry from his office in the heart of the Stratford Road Executive Park for 40 years. Over that time, he has built a successful practice, and many of his patients have been coming to him for decades.
 So when he announced he had hired Dr. Jeffery […]

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